APAC REIT Daily: Nippon Building Fund surges, as J-REITs bounce back

By Benn Dorrington

Here’s how the REIT markets performed across Asia Pacific on Friday, 8 May 2020.


J-REIT shares surged in Tokyo on Friday, as the TSE REIT Index jumped 5.22% to 1,655.72.

Shopping centre REIT Japan Retail Fund Investment Corp. (8953) led the way, rising 13.63% to ¥137,500, while Hotel REITs Japan Hotel REIT Investment Corp. (8985) and Hoshino Resorts REIT Inc. (3287) rose more than 9%.

Shares in Nippon Building Fund Inc. (8951), the largest J-REIT by market cap, surged 6.45% to ¥676,000, while Japan Real Estate Investment Corp. (8952) rose 5.68%.

Nippon Prologis REIT Inc. (3283) was among the few J-REITs to finish lower, down 0.68%.

The Nikkei 225 rose 2.56% to 20,179.09.


A-REIT stocks, particularly retail trusts, jumped today after authorities announced the easing of COVID-19 restrictions across the country.

Vicinity Centres (VCX) stocks rose 5.14% to $1.43, while shopping centre peer Scentre Group (SCG) increased 3.77% to $2.20.

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT (CLW) shares were down 1.70% to $4.06, while BWP Trust (BWP) fell 0.85%.

The S&P/ASX 200 A-REIT Index (XPJ) rose 1.87%, and the S&P/ASX 200 increased 0.5% to 5,391.08.

Hong Kong

Stocks in China-based hotel trust New Century REIT (1275) leaped 7.92% to HK$1.09, with most Hong Kong REITs closing higher.

The Hang Seng REIT Index rose again yesterday, up 0.91%, falling in line with the 1.04% rise on the Hang Seng.

Regal REIT (1881) shares rose 2.83% to HK$1.45, and Spring REIT (1426) increased 2.36% to HK$2.60.


Keppel DC REIT (AJBU) stocks grew 2.62% to $2.35, leading the S-REITs after a day of mixed results.

The iEdge S-REIT Index fell 0.19%, while the FTSE Straits Times finished the day marginally higher.

ESR-REIT (J91U) shares declined 2.82% to $0.345, while OUE Commercial REIT (TS0U) fell 2.50%.


The Bursa Malaysia REIT Index grew 0.38%, with the FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI rising 0.39% to 1,382.31.

Stocks in Al-Salam REIT increased 6.52% to RM0.735, followed by AmFIRST REIT, which were up 2.30%.

Atrium REIT shares fell 1.95% to RM1.01, while MRCB Quill REIT declined 1.30%.


Thai REITs finished with mixed results, with WHA Premium Growth Freehold & Leasehold REIT shares rising 2.56% to ฿16.00.

CPN Retail Growth Leasehold REIT stocks rose 1.74%, while CPN Commercial Growth Leasehold Property Fund edged 1.02% higher.

LH Shopping Centers Leasehold REIT shares fell 3.13%, and Golden Ventures Leasehold REIT dipped 2.03%.

The country’s SET 50 Index edged 0.67% higher.

Other markets

In South Korea, K-REIT shares made marginal gains and losses, all less than 1%.

In Taiwan, Fubon No.1 REIT shares jumped 3.76% to NT$16.55, while Cathay No. 2 REIT were down 0.29%.

In New Zealand, Kiwi Property Group Ltd. (KPG) stocks closed 2.11% lower, while Precinct Properties New Zealand Ltd. (PCT) rose 2.73%.

Indian REIT, Embassy Office Parks REIT (EMBASSY), rose 1.20% to ₹349.00.

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